Destructible ampules

Extremely thin-walled sample container

To manufacture these special sample containers, we redraw extremely thin-walled glass tubes. This enables us to achieve wall thicknesses of ≤ 100 µm. Despite the thin walls, these containers are still able to hold large volumes. It is therefore possible to produce tubes with a diameter of up to 6 mm, with round or flat bottoms. We can meet your specific requirements in any dimensions.

Very thin-walled ampoule for larger volumes

Ampoules with low volume

These ampoules are used for the storage or separation of small volumes. Here, the lower part of the ampoule is filled and then the ampoule melted away just above the start of the tapering. The ampoules are suitable for the storage of both liquid and solid samples. The remaining free space can be filled with protective gas, which protects the samples from oxidation. A particularly sturdy version of the ampoules is also possible for long-term storage solutions. The extremely thin-walled version allows for the rapid release of substances as the walls of the ampoules can be easily crushed. The ampoules are available in a wide variety of volumes.


  • Soda-lime glass (e.g. AR©)
  • Borosilicate glass (e.g. DURAN©, PYREX©, SIMAX©)
  • Neutral glass (e.g. FIOLAX© and DUROBAX©)


  • Diameter: 3–30 mm
  • Volumes: 0.5–10 ml
  • Lengths: 10–200 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: 0.05–2.8 mm


  • With tapering
  • Without tapering
  • With round or flat bottom

Ampoules with low volume


Ampoules with built-in test leakage

We developed these special glass ampoules to test the tightness of a known leak, in order to determine from what size of leak there is an escape or exchange of substances. For this purpose, a hole was made using a laser, which was afterwards closed with a glass plate made of a glass capillary with a fine drilling.
Due to the fact that the ampoules were already filled with a solution, the challenge was to make a hole in the ampoules without contaminating them or causing the glass to crack.

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