Flat-bottomed tubes

Flat-bottomed tubes in various designs (size, edge and bottom properties)

Various flat-bottomed tube designs with seals

The brown version of these tubes is particularly suitable for the packaging of light-sensitive products (such as medication, for example)

We produce a variety of tubes for the storage of samples, tablets and other sensitive materials that must not react with plastics. The bottom of the tubes is flat, however is also available in round form.

We can also provide the matching lid on request.



We have already manufactured special customer-specific solutions for this product group. Further examples of special products can be found under the respective product category or under Special Solutions.

Light-protected packing tubes

These tubes, made of brown colored glass, work especially well for the packaging of light sensitive samples. The tubes are suitable for solids and liquids whose properties may be influenced by light, causing them to change. The tube openings can be adapted to available sealing solutions.

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