Mini pipettes

Mini pipettes made from glass are between the normal Pasteur pipette and the micropipette in terms of size. For many applications, the Pasteur pipette is too big or too imprecise, while the micropipette is too small and delicate. Our solution here is the mini pipette. Its design and dimensions can be tailored to the specifics of your task. A typical area of application is in-vitro fertilization (IVF), which requires capillary tips that are fine and precise.

Typical dimensions for mini pipettes
  • Total lengths: 50–100 mm
  • Length of tips: 20–50 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 1.5–4 mm
  • Inner diameter of tip: approx. 50–500 µm

The tips can also be supplied closed in order to protect them against contamination during transport and storage.


We have already manufactured special customer-specific solutions for this product group. Further examples of special products can be found under the respective product category or under Special Solutions.

Mini pipettes for the extraction of serum on insects and small animals

These mini pipettes were produced for the extraction of serum on insects and small animals. Their thin, long tip removes the tiniest of quantities from the smallest of vessels. The tips are slightly sharp-edged in order to be able to puncture the vessels. Different sizes of diameters from 100 to 500 µm are available.

Mini pipettes for the withdrawal of serum from insects and small animals

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