Standard glass beads

Our standard glass beads are simple beads with a relatively large tolerance and dimensions starting at 1 mm. They are predominantly made from soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass or lead glass, and are available with a frosted or polished surface. Standard glass beads made from borosilicate glass and quartz glass can be requested in your preferred dimensions.


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Quartz glass beads with frosted surface

Quartz glass beads are predominantly used in thermal processes for which filling or carrier materials are required. The beads require a high degree of purity, while also being able to withstand high temperatures. Our quartz glass beads were previously only available with a polished surface. By implementing an additional production step, we are now able to manufacture quartz glass beads with a roughened surface. The roughened surface offers many advantages when it comes to the adhesion of molecules and materials on the beads.

Advantages: High temperature resistance: > 1000 °C and roughened surface for better adhesion


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