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Filling needles – flexible & inflexible

Just like the standard steel needles used in the field of medicine, we produce special needles where we have replaced the metal cannulas with a glass capillary. Glass capillaries offer many decisive advantages over metal cannulas in a number of applications:

  • Completely smooth surface, both inside and outside
  • High flexibility of cannulas smaller than 500 µm
  • Diameters from less than 200 µm to max. 70 µm possible
  • Inert material, chemically resistant, even at high temperatures
  • Transparent, for observations in the cannula
  • Extremely precise measurements, both inside and outside
  • Glass reservoirs can be integrated into the needle
  • Wide variety of configurations, applications and customer-specific solutions possible

The only disadvantage to glass needles compared to their metal counterparts is their lower mechanical stability.

Standard versions

  • Capillaries are mounted directly in the connector
  • Capillaries are covered with a sheath capillary in order to improve their stability, however this causes the very fine capillary to poke out from the cladding tube at the end
  • Capillaries can also be angled

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We have already manufactured special customer-specific solutions for this product group. Further examples of special products can be found under the respective product category or under Special Solutions.

Thin, flexible needles bending up to 180°

Very thin and flexible glass fiber needles which are extremely flexible and sturdy thanks to their special coating. The coating and the glass are resistant to most solvents, acids and alkaline solutions. It is possible to manufacture needles with diameters of less than 100 µm. The end of the fiber is embedded in a Luer connector made of Macrolon and enables the use of normal standard tips and pumping systems.

Glass needles with curved tip

Whether for lifting and holding components or for dispensing the smallest volumes in the narrowest of spaces, our small glass needles with angled tips are ideal. The angled tips can also be used for a simplified assembly or better ergonomics when handled manually. They are also inert and transparent, which facilitates the monitoring of samples and parts in the needle.

Very flexible polyimide-coated filling needles

Our glass needles boast high flexibility. This is achieved by applying an external coating, for example. The needles can be bent up to 360° and then return to their original alignment without any problem. The capillaries are also protected by the coating. Should they break despite their extraordinary flexibility, the coating holds together slivers and broken parts. These capillaries, including their coating, are highly inert and the coating is dissolved by only very few solvents. The needles are suitable for filling micropipettes and for dispensing the smallest volumes, even in inaccessible positions.


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