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From development to production to the final inspection, the work involved in every stage of the process is carried out by our qualified specialists. in a transparent production process that guarantees a consistently high standard of quality.

You will find all the standard dimensions we offer on our product pages, as well as many examples of the special solutions we have already created.
Talk to us about your product today – whether in standard dimensions or a customized solution!

Glass capillaries & Tubes

In addition to standard dimensions, we also provide various special dimensions – even in small quantities.

Glass rods & Fibers

We produce standard profiles, such as round and square glass rods, in almost all possible dimensions.

Sample tubes & Test tubes

We manufacture top-quality sample and test tubes from glass, specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Pipettes & Needles

Glass pipettes are a useful, high-quality alternative to plastic pipettes.


We also offer glass packing, which is extremely corrosion-resistant.

Glass helices

Helices in various geometric designs, with or without a channel – we can provide you with a variety of options.

Glass beads

From simple column packing to ball valves and optical precision glass beads: we have a range of glass beads for a wide variety of applications and sectors.

Glass panes & Windows

Whether simple sight glass or highly transparent glass with a more complicated cut: our panes protect your sensitive sensors.

Accessories & Tools

Are you already familiar with the Hilgenberg pipette bulb with roll-away protection? Just one of our many accessories.

Special solutions

We specialize in customized solutions. Special glass nozzles, capillaries or helices: we can achieve what appears impossible for you.