Pasteur pipettes

Pasteur pipettes, tip and constriction

Pasteur pipette

Pasteur pipettes in various lengths, stuffed with cotton on left

For more than 30 years, Hilgenberg has been supplying its customers with glass Pasteur pipettes of the highest quality from our own in-house production facilities in Germany. A top-quality product that meets all the requirements of working in a laboratory.

In addition to our standard Pasteur pipettes, we also offer individual solutions tailored to your specific requirements. For example, a filter plug made of cotton can be added to all pipettes. This provides additional security when pipetting.

Tip open or closed? It’s up to you! We generally supply the pipettes with open tips. However, they can also be left closed in order to protect against contamination. Using a special ceramic blade, which of course we also supply, the tip can then be opened just before the pipette is used.

Here you will find the designs we offer as standard.

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