Glass tubes

Glass tubes & Cylinders

We provide glass tubes and cylinders made from various types of glass – either in full length or cut to size with subsequent edge treatment. We can manufacture a product that meets your requirements in almost any length from 1 to 2000 mm.
We also make precision glass tubes and cylinders with calibrated internal diameters and cylindrically ground outer surfaces – technically polished on request.


We have already manufactured special customer-specific solutions for this product group. Further examples of special products can be found under the respective product category or under Special Solutions.

Glass rings ground to precision inside and out

It often comes down to the last micrometer of accuracy, which we cannot achieve for larger dimensions with our drawing technique. To guarantee this accuracy, we use the latest grinding technology. Here, we can offer you CNC-polished inner surfaces, round-polished centerless outer surfaces, as well as technically polished surfaces.


Thin-walled glass tube sections

For many applications in sensor technology, it is necessary to encapsulate the sensor from the surroundings and protect it against adverse influences and contamination. A big problem occurs when the sensor needs a clear view or works in a short wavelength range. In that case, encapsulating the sensor with a very thin glass cover is recommended. These glass tube sections have a wall thickness of only 0.05 mm and a length of 3 mm. The edges are laser-cut and rounded.


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