Quality assurance

One of our most important objectives is to maintain the high standard of quality of our products. We implement a number of different control systems to ensure this is the case.

There are a number of options open to us when inspecting the appearance and dimensions of components: inline measurements with laser micrometers, white light interferometers, profile projectors and camera systems, or the visual inspection of individual components with the naked eye, using a magnifier, or a microscope with 5000x magnification. A profilometer can also be used to evaluate surfaces.

An outgoing goods inspection of all Hilgenberg products is carried out as standard by the quality assurance team, with parts removed from the delivery in accordance with the AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) procedure and rechecked before leaving our company.

Key components of quality assurance
  • Automated and manual/visual inspection of parts
  • Inline laser scanning inspection
  • Digital profile inspections (digital profile projectors)
  • Profilometric testing and surface analyses using the Keyence digital profilometer
  • Visual inspection (microscope, various magnifiers)
  • Manual dimensional check (micrometer/caliper)