In addition to the manufacture of special glass products, we also develop prototypes, prepare drawings and technical suggestions, as well as provide expert advice on the subject of glass. For example, we share how to further optimize glass processing approaches, or provide employees with training in how to handle glass or master the special techniques. The ideas generated here are quickly implemented together with the customer and integrated into regular production, or used as inspiration for entirely new products and developments.

The resulting synergies make it possible to develop products that meet the specific requirements of our customers down to the last detail. Our customers from the research industry and at universities appreciate this expertise – as they do our production flexibility and short delivery times.

                                        AND DEVELOP SOLUTIONS TOGETHER WITH YOU AS A TEAM!”

Overview of services

  • Process development
  • Production testing
  • Technical and process consultation
  • Machinery & fixture construction
  • 3D print services
  • Production of injection-molded parts

Adapting and developing processes according to customer requirements

  • Supporting development projects
  • Process development, along with optimizing and supporting customer production
  • In-house process and product development
  • Research and development services
  • Manufacturing and procuring glass processing equipment for customers
  • Machinery and processing technology and equipment
  • Burner control systems / Nozzles and burners
  • Rolling and forming tools
  • Producing accessories for glass processing