Cloning cylinders

Cloning cylinders for the separation of cells

Cloning cylinders are ideally suited to the separate cloning of individual cells or cell groups on a nutrient solution. Simply slipping the cloning cylinder over the respective cell or group separates this from the rest of the cells on the medium.

Cloning cylinders are made from top-quality borosilicate glass and can be heat-sterilized without issue. The parts have a ground surface which can be fixed to the bottom of a Petri dish, for example, using a type of grease.

The cloning cylinder is then filled with the nutrient solution. The grease acts as a seal between the Petri dish and the ring, made easier by the flat bottom (ground surface), with as little grease as possible needed between the bottom of the Petri dish and the edge of the rings. The same applies when using Petri dishes prepared with a nutrient solution, the ring is simply pushed down into the solution and provides a seal between the cylinder and bottom of the Petri dish.


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We have already manufactured special customer-specific solutions for this product group. Further examples of special products can be found under the respective product category or under Special Solutions.

Cloning cylinders with continuous numbering

It can be difficult to maintain an overview and assign results when there are so many samples on one medium. In order to simplify this, we have developed a new production series of cloning cylinders, which are numbered consecutively. The four-digit number code makes it possible to clearly identify up to 9999 samples. The laser-imprint process works the markings irreversibly into the glass, so that the markings cannot be removed even with strong solvents or pyrolytic disinfection.


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