NMR tubes

As a German manufacturer of NMR tubes and NMR consumables, such as pipettes and filling needles, Hilgenberg GmbH is in close contact with development teams at the big European NMR device manufacturers. We are in a position to meet the requirements of both large- and small-scale production and reliably supply top-quality and inexpensive tubes in quantities of up to several hundred thousand units per year. Our portfolio also includes accessories and in-house developments, such as our filling needle for the Bruker MatchTM system, which we have optimized in collaboration with external experts in the fields of research and application.

Standard NMR tubes in borosilicate glass 3.3 “Economy”

Our standard NMR tubes in the most commonly requested diameters of 3 and 5 mm and lengths of 178 mm (7 inch) and 203 mm (8 inch) are made from high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with a fine fire-polished rim and lens-shaped bottom. The standard tolerances correspond to the usual values.

A glassblower can be used when further processing these tubes as the glass used can be fused with standard laboratory glass. The tubes are shrink-wrapped in a packaging unit in quantities of 50. Larger packaging units are, of course, also possible.

Standard sealing caps for 3 and 5 mm NMR tubes
Suitable for our 3 mm and 5 mm NMR tubes, we have standard sealing caps made from EVA in the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black, purple, light blue, pink, white, bright orange.

NMR septum caps for 5 mm NMR tubes
Highly recommended are our NMR septum caps with special sealing septum. Further information can be found here.

NMR-labels for standard 5 mm tubes
These special labels are resistant are suitable for laser printing and manual labeling. They can be used for clear, long-term marking of samples in 5 mm NMR tubes.


NMR tube for the Bruker Match™ system

We have launched a series of standard 100 mm high-precision NMR tubes, designed and developed in collaboration with the company Bruker.

They are specifically tailored to the devices and sample sizes for which the Bruker Match™ system was developed. Only top-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 is used in their manufacture, which is processed by us within tight tolerances. Dimensions range from 1 to 5 mm.

Individual NMR tubes
In addition to various lengths and diameters or tighter tolerances than our standard products, we can also supply printed NMR tubes on request.



We have already manufactured special customer-specific solutions for this product group. Further examples of special products can be found under the respective product category or under Special Solutions.

UV-protected NMR tubes

Our colored NMR tubes protect the samples they contain from UV radiation, which can initiate the disintegration process. The tubes in borosilicate glass 3.3 correspond to our standard specification (“Economy”) and are available in diameters of 3 mm and 5 mm with length 178 mm (7″). All tubes come with our standard NMR caps.

NMR tubes with 2D barcode & tapering

For the manufacture of reference samples, which must be marked and require safe long-term storage, we produce NMR tubes with a pretapered melting point. This simplifies sealing the tubes. Due to the tapered position, the tubes can be ablated more quickly and with minimal heat exposure, which leads to a protection of the reference samples and simplifies the handling of the tubes for users. In addition, the tubes can be marked with a 2D DataMatrix code, which ensures identification of the sample even after years thanks to the unique number. The code can be customized and easily read with an appropriate camera and set-up. Since the marking is worked directly into the glass, the labeling is irreversible. The 2D barcode and tapering are also available independently of each other.

NMR tubes with thread

Our NMR tubes with thread are suitable for various low vacuum applications, as well as for sample filling under a protective atmosphere or the degassing of samples. The large volume beneath the threaded head can be used for additional absorbers within the tube, like silica gel or nano sieves. Made from borosilicate glass 3.3, these tubes have a high thermal shock resistance. The standard thread 8-425 can be used with a large selection of standard screw caps and septums, which are adapted to the solvents and samples used.

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