Innovative glass products for the science, laboratory, industry, medical, and technical sectors.

Variety of expertise

From tailored solutions for small- and large-scale production to customized items – anything is possible with Hilgenberg.

Innovative glass products for the science, laboratory, industry, medical, and technical sectors.


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Who are we?

We have a passion for glass

With more than 100 years of experience, around 25,000 different products and over 3,000 customers across the world, Hilgenberg is the partner you can rely on to manufacture and process special, high-precision products made from glass.

One of our strengths is developing and manufacturing custom-made glass products and prototypes that are tailored specifically to your requirements.
We bring your ideas to life, quickly and accurately – regardless of the production scale. Find out more about what we offer and the quality of our products.

Current news

Current News by Hilgenberg

Our products

Current product highlights

Hilgenberg pipette bulbs

Only genuine with roll-away protection

Hilgenberg pipette bulbs, which we have developed and are awaiting patent approval, boast an impressively smart design.

Special solutions

Anything but standard

Most of our products are tailored specifically to customer requirements. You will find a selection of these products here.

Highest standard of quality

Pasteur pipettes made from glass

We deliver the pipette you need for your application. A top-quality product that meets all the requirements of working in a laboratory.


Wilson helices in borosilicate glass 3.3

The coiled shape creates an extremely large surface area. Wilson helices are flexible and therefore relatively resistant when it comes to filling.

For precision work

Micropipettes for puncturing

Available in a whole host of shapes and varieties, micropipettes are a key element of modern research.


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