We manufacture circular and rectangular glass rods in practically all dimensions between 0,07 and 40 mm.

Types of glass

  • Borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Soda glass
  • Quartz glass
  • Lead glass
  • Aluminosilicate glass
  • Coloured glass
  • Kovar glass
  • Optical glass (B270)
  • Glass supplied by customer
  • Special glasses (if available)

End types

We cut the rods to length, starting from 1 mm, as well as extra lengths up to 2000 mm. The rod ends can be processed for specific applications.

The following end types are possible:

  • cut
  • ground
  • broken
  • fire polished
  • round fused
  • spherically fused
  • drawn or chamfered

Special profiles

Apart from standard circular rods, and with certain types of glass, we can also  supply the following special profiles:

  • oval
  • rectangular
  • square
  • semicircular

Additional processing steps, matched to your individual specifications, are possible.
Simply contact us.

Rectangular glass rods

Apart from circular shapes, we are also able to manufacture rectangular and square profiles, which can be drawn to thin fibers or rods. In this way, it is possible e.g. to produce very fine bundles of parallel fibers.

Square rod with pyramid cut

Blank surfaces, sharp edges and a high geometrical shape constancy characterize these glass rod. The polished surface range reach the peak, also the pyramid cut has a blank surface.

Octagonal rods

Octagonal rods

The octagonal rod out of borosilicate glass shows the variety of possibilities in the production of profiled rods. They are applicable for the lighting- and information technology, serve for the light-mix, as diffusors and likewise as beam transducers. Dimensions with side distances as from 0,5 - 5,0 mm are possible to produce.

Glass-rod-portions with high precision

Whether as electrical or thermal isolator, fibre optics or distance bolts, contact pin or bearing shaft: Our small glass-rods are found in a large number of applications.

Cross-section reduction for UV illuminants

For the reduction of a illuminated cross section of a UV LED, you can use so called tapper, which reduce the light cone to a small cross section with a high intensity of leakage. By the high transmittance of quartz glass in the UV area, these rods are suited for the local illumination of smallest glue dots.

  • Glass tube with side-opening
  • Glass fibers with sphere formed end
  • NMR Tubes with thread for low vacuum applications
  • Mark tubes with special inner surface
  • Mini test tubes with extended flange
  • New preform for redrawing of capillaries
  • Test tubes with sagging at the bottom
  • Cloning cylinders with numbering
  • Large-volume theta cross-section capillaries
  • High tightness with new standard cap
  • Complex component made of quartz glass
  • Dropper pipettes in many sizes and designs
  • Packing glasses protected from light
  • Ampoules with built-in test leckage
  • Thick-walled sample vessels
  • Measuring ampoules with conical bottom
  • Special glass capillaries for measurements
  • Glass capillaries with constriction
  • Finely scaled glass cannulas
  • CNC processing of glass plates
  • New 5 mm NMR standard caps
  • Glass crucible for thermal analyses
  • Glass capillaries with graduation
  • Square capillary with 9 internal channels
  • 9-fold capillary made of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Our tool for cutting glass capillaries
  • Diamond wire for cutting capillaries
  • Sight glasses (laser structured)
  • Very thick-walled capillaries
  • Polyimide coated filling needles
  • Ampoules with small volume
  • NMR tubes colored (UV protection)
  • NMR septum caps (increased denseness)
  • NMR tubes (barcode & constriction)
  • Mark tubes with perforated bottom
  • Test tubes with hole e.g. as vent
  • Test tubes with grooved rim
  • Oval capillaires (thin-walled)
  • Triangular capillaries (thin-walled)
  • Twisted capillaries by hot forming
  • Multi-channel capillaries (circular array)
  • Special light pipe made of glass
  • Luggin-capillary for measurements
  • Test mandrels (different materials)
  • Carpoules with special-rolled rim
  • Glass capillary for the stimulation
  • XRD-capillary with Luer-connector
  • Glass nozzle with seal-and retaining ring
  • Glass capillary with side-mounted connectors
  • Easily destructible glass ampoules
  • Glass rods with surface patterning
  • Long-conical focusing nozzles
  • Surface patterning of glass substrates
  • Laser sublimation-drilling in flat capillaries
  • Thin needles up to 180 ° flexible
  • Glass needles with curved tip
  • Polished to precision glass rings
  • Glass rods with partially-frosted surface
  • Sealing glass with high thermal expansion