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Conception and design
°zentral kommunikation werbeagentur - Kassel Hamburg

Technical implementation is based on CMS TYPO3

Smart Web Elements

  • Glass tube with side-opening
  • Glass fibers with sphere formed end
  • NMR Tubes with thread for low vacuum applications
  • Mark tubes with special inner surface
  • Mini test tubes with extended flange
  • New preform for redrawing of capillaries
  • Test tubes with sagging at the bottom
  • Cloning cylinders with numbering
  • Large-volume theta cross-section capillaries
  • High tightness with new standard cap
  • Complex component made of quartz glass
  • Dropper pipettes in many sizes and designs
  • Packing glasses protected from light
  • Ampoules with built-in test leckage
  • Thick-walled sample vessels
  • Measuring ampoules with conical bottom
  • Special glass capillaries for measurements
  • Glass capillaries with constriction
  • Finely scaled glass cannulas
  • CNC processing of glass plates
  • New 5 mm NMR standard caps
  • Glass crucible for thermal analyses
  • Glass capillaries with graduation
  • Square capillary with 9 internal channels
  • 9-fold capillary made of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Our tool for cutting glass capillaries
  • Diamond wire for cutting capillaries
  • Sight glasses (laser structured)
  • Very thick-walled capillaries
  • Polyimide coated filling needles
  • Ampoules with small volume
  • NMR tubes colored (UV protection)
  • NMR septum caps (increased denseness)
  • NMR tubes (barcode & constriction)
  • Mark tubes with perforated bottom
  • Test tubes with hole e.g. as vent
  • Test tubes with grooved rim
  • Oval capillaires (thin-walled)
  • Triangular capillaries (thin-walled)
  • Twisted capillaries by hot forming
  • Multi-channel capillaries (circular array)
  • Special light pipe made of glass
  • Luggin-capillary for measurements
  • Test mandrels (different materials)
  • Carpoules with special-rolled rim
  • Glass capillary for the stimulation
  • XRD-capillary with Luer-connector
  • Glass nozzle with seal-and retaining ring
  • Glass capillary with side-mounted connectors
  • Easily destructible glass ampoules
  • Glass rods with surface patterning
  • Long-conical focusing nozzles
  • Surface patterning of glass substrates
  • Laser sublimation-drilling in flat capillaries
  • Thin needles up to 180 ° flexible
  • Glass needles with curved tip
  • Polished to precision glass rings
  • Glass rods with partially-frosted surface
  • Sealing glass with high thermal expansion